The Cyclades Islands are located amongst the many islands that lie between Greece and Turkey, in the middle of the Aegean Sea. These sunkissed islands that are in the easternmost part of Greece and have always been a great destination for those who want to enjoy the sun and the sea, with a pleasant breeze called 'meltemi' that regulates the temperature that can sometimes reach forty degrees!

Facts about the Cyclades 

The archipelago is made up of 220 large and small islands, the most famous of which is certainly Santorini. But there are many other beautiful islands such as Andros, Delos, Ios, Milos and Mykonos. This part of the world is full of ancient culture dating back to the Bronze Age. In the 1800s archeologist uncovered evidence of the 'Cycladic civilization' when many statues of goddesses were excavated, many of which were unfortunately stolen and sold during the twentieth century. The populations that once supported themselves with cereals, fish and products derived from goats and sheep were conquered by the Achei, Ioni and Eoli that determined the course of history. Mythology and history are intertwined here and each island has its own legends around its name and origin. 

Sun, sea and Greek tradition 

But these islands are not just history and legend there is also plenty of sea and sun! There are lovely blue and white houses, typical of the Greek tradition and little winding streets as the backdrop to the calm sea. The islands are exactly what you expect to find in this area of the Aegean Sea and will definitely meet your expectations. The best time to visit the islands is in early July before the beaches get too crowded.

Travel guides and tips: CYCLADES ISLANDS

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