Thirasia is an island in the Santorini archipelago, which seems to have been suspended in time. Its little white houses with cobalt blue doors stand out most, along with the sense of tranquillity and quiet that you feel here. At one time Thirasia was joined to the island of Santorini but water now separates them due to a volcanic eruption that occurred in 1450 AC.

Places to visit

On Thirasia, why not visit the 21 churches which are almost all private, so to access them you need permission from the owners. Do not miss the sunset on Thirasia, you can admire the neighbouring island of Santorini being kissed by the orange sun. Manolas is the main town on Thirasia, where there are few houses and shops and an excellent bakery. The island has no beaches or places to swim, but can be visited by boat. 

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