Guide of ANAFI

The island of Anafi has remained undisturbed for thousands of years and lies just south of Santorini. This triangular shaped island only has a few hundred residents and a special charm where its sun kissed white houses stand out on the horizon. The climate, like all the other Cyclades islands, is hot and dry and its main center is Chora, a town that appears to be lying on the only peak on the island, 500 meters above the blue sea.


Like many other Greek islands the historical origins are intertwined with mythology. According to the historian Apollonius Rodio, the name of the island derives from the Greek word 'anafos' meaning 'impalpable' because according to legend the island acted as a safe shelter for the Argonauts after a stormy night at sea. Legends aside, Anafi was first conquered by the Phoenicians then lai Dori. During the Middle Ages it came under Venetian rule and centuries later it was later incorporated into the Ottoman Empire. There are some historical remains to visit, a Venetian castle in the center of the Chora and some ruins of the Hellenistic and Roman times near the village of Kastelli which is only inhabited during the summer.


Life on the island is slow and even in high season the islòand isnt over run by tourists, so its the perfect place to relax and enjoy clear sea, magnificent beaches and wild coasts. For many years the island was ignored by tourist agencies, but recently the island is back in vogue because of the beautiful nature and in the summer there are many campers along eastern coast in coves and on beaches. Katsouni is one of the best beaches and also has a source of fresh water. Other beaches include Roukounas, Katelimatsa and Megas Potamos.

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