The island of Koufonissi is a real gem and hasn't yet been discovered by international tourism. This strip of small land is a real paradise that boasts the most beautiful beaches in all of Greece with colors ranging from blue to emerald green, able to rival even the most exotic places. The island is flat and practically barren but its coast is marvelous, it alternates between fine white sand and coves with rocks that cascade into the sea forming natural pools.


The history of this island is similar to the rest of the Cyclades and this part of the Aegean, it was the subject of numerous invasions over the centuries through Byzantine, Venetian and Ottoman domination until the island achieved independence in the nineteenth century. It is thought that the name of the island is derived from when the pirates entered the caves on the island for the first time, they appeared to them as if they had been carved into the rock, in fact in Greek 'nissia' means 'island' and 'koufio' 'excavated'.

Places to visit

Koufonissi is the ideal place for a holiday of sea, sun and relaxation.  It is so small that it is totally pedestrianized and you can cross it easily either on foot or by bike. Walks by the sea and diving are the main activities on the island, you can also visit the islands close to Koufonissi such as Pano Koufonisi, Keros Kato and Koufonisi, which is so small that it only has one tavern.

The Chora, the main town, is delightful with its white houses, small squares and streets that offer a glimpse of traditional Greek island life. The buildings are in Cycladic style, made with slate roofs and with colorful flowers. Koufonissi is best in terms of beaches, the coast that surrounds it is white and dazzling like no other island in the Aegean. Families with children and campers will both find it an ideal place. 

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