Guide of SERIFOS

The island of Serifos is one of the most underrated Greek destinations of recent years. It is cooled by the Meltemi winds that dominate the Cyclades and the island appears dry and barren with little white houses with slate roofs. The population mainly lives along the coast and that is where most of the tourists also go looking for beaches.


The history of Serifos has been intertwined with its mines since ancient times. And for this resource the island was conquered by the Cretans then by the Mycenaeans, Phoenicians and Romans, finally many centuries later it was under Venetian and then Ottoman dominion. Legends tell of Serifos as an 'island of' iron’ that was inhabited by mighty giants called Cyclops. In fact, the walls of Liomandra and the White Tower that are still partially present are the testimony to their life on this island.

Places to visit

This beautiful island has museums, monasteries such as the one in Taxiarchon and the villages such as the Chora with its intricate streets and squares are well worth a visit. You can admire the white houses that are typical of the Cyclades, alternating with vegetable gardens and fruit trees and tomatoes plantations that are famous throughout Greece. 


In addition to the historical and natural beauty, we should not forget the beautiful beaches, which rival those most famous on the other Cyclades islands. Here the beaches are characterized by white sand and transparent waters, Livathi and Psili Amos are two of the most beautiful, the coves of Aghios Ioannis and Megalo Livadi are a little hidden but equally as beautiful. Finally, there is the beach of Koutalas with transparent stones that look like they are made of glass.

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