Guide of SIFNOS

The island of Sifnos is one of the largest in the Cycladic archipelago and is famous for its unspoiled mountains, valleys and beautiful beaches that attract many tourists. Sifnos has a warm and dry climate that is regulated by the winds that blow from the hinterland to help decrease the summer heat. Sifnos is famous for the mineral deposits in its soil and the extraction of aluminium. It is greener than the other islands in the area and its population has always been economically independent thanks to the mines and olive, fruit production and local products.  


Sifnos has been inhabited and invaded by the Aegean, the Minoans and the Cretans during ancient times because of the presence of aluminium and iron. The Romans used the island as a place of exile, to banish unwanted people from the Empire. Centuries later it was dominated by the Republic of Venice and the Roman Empire.  

Places to visit 

Sifnos has spectacular cliffs and beaches along with little fishing villages that have always existed, the island is a long way from civilisation and the more obvious tourist destinations. Every corner of this island is enchanting, from the medieval village of Kastro, where you can visit the beautiful fort built by the Venetians to protect people from pirates to the fertile valleys where you can take long walks. Sifnos is also famous for its many churches, there are as many churches as days of the year and some are open only on the festival day of the corresponding saint.  


Lovers of the sea will be in heaven with beaches of Kastro and Platys Gialos, where you can dive. There is also Agia Marina with its clear water and pine forest behind and finally the beach of Chrispigi, known for its very fine sand and the nearby monastery overlooking the sea.

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