Schinoussa is one of the least known islands of the Cyclades. Tourism has not yet arrived here and the local population is only around 200 people, who mainly live on agriculture and wine production. Schinoussa invites you to walk along its wild coasts with views that will take your breath away. On this island, you can still find traditional Greece where the locals are dedicated to fishing, agriculture and livestock breeding. The development of tourism is the only thing that has changed in recent years and the little island can even be visited on foot.  


Like the rest of the Cyclades islands, Schinoussa has a long history of invasions by various populations. Unfortunately, there are no archaeological excavations to prove this but it is thought that man has lived on these coasts since the tenth century BC. Later there was Venetian and then Turkish dominion and from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century, it served as a shelter for pirates.  

Places to visit  

On Schinoussa you can truly reconnect with the nature and this island is so peaceful. The Chora is in Cycladic style with alleys, squares, and little white houses. Be sure to take a stroll around these buildings and taste the local tipple, known as 'rakomelo' a drink made with wine and 'raki'. Sun, sea and relaxation are what Schinoussa provides, as well as wonderful landscapes, fishing villages and isolated beaches. These are seventeen on beaches on this island; all are very beautiful and are in a few minutes on foot. For those who do not want to walk there is a bike and scooter rental, so you can get around the island in no time!


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