Guide of NAXOS

Naxos is the largest island in the Cyclades archipelago and is blessed with a rich, green landscape and was nicknamed the granary of Greece. Tourists will be attracted by the mild climate and beautiful valleys and mountains, on which you can go walking and trekking to escape the summer heat. The island is famous for its long white beaches and the plateau of Tragea from where you can see the landscape that is covered olive and lemon trees. These local products have provided a livelihood for Naxos, along with a particular type of sand that is used all over the world for sandpaper. This has meant that the population has always been quite rich compared to the other islands in the area.


In addition to the wonderful nature, there is also interesting historical evidence of man on this island to discover. According to mythology, Naxos is the birthplace of Dionysius, who was said to be brought up by some nymphs. He loved this island and was said to have given it fertility and covered it with vineyards that still produce an excellent wine today. To thank the god for these gifts, the inhabitants built a temple dedicated to Dionysius where they bring bunches of grapes as offerings. The island was invaded many times by the Thracians who brought the cult of Dionysius to the Carii, and the Ions to the island. Under the Byzantines it was a very important centre of commerce and finally during the Fourth Crusade, the island was controlled by Venice until 1714.

Places to visit

Naxos is a melting pot of these various historical cultures, in fact, next to the white houses with brightly coloured windows, typical of the Cyclades culture, you can also find Venetian palaces built by the Crusaders and even a very well preserved pentagonal castle, dating back to 1200.


The island is perfect for all types of tourist, from sports lovers to those who prefer history, not to mention its 150 kilometres of beaches and coves. Aghia Anna and Kastraki are two lovely beaches with fine sand and crystal clear water that rival tropical beaches. For those who want to surf the bay of Mikri Vigla is the best place.

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