The island of Donoussa is the furthest Cyclade island and has always been used as a place of confinement because of its remote location compared to the other Aegean Islands. This island is only inhabited by a few people and is the ideal place for those looking for the authentic Greek island with sun, clear sea and blue sky away from mass tourism. The local people are friendly and welcoming towards tourists and there are areas for campers and for families with children.


The history of the island is shrouded in mystery and has been inhabited since the 10th century BC thanks to archaeological excavations in Myti Achtià and Vathi Limenari. Most of the Greek islands were invaded by the Byzantines, Venetians and Turks, but this island was chosen as a base by pirates who roamed theses seas during the Crusades and so it was left to them.


In recent years tourism has grown on the island as tourists are attracted by the wild beauty of this island and the quietness here even in periods where the other Cyclades Islands are crowded. Scandinavian tourists have been attracted to the island and have mainly been interested in trekking and relaxation. Donoussa also has great beaches and hidden coves, there are steep coasts overlooking the blue sea are which are sublime. You will find peace and tranquillity on this island, that simply can't be found elsewhere.  The beautiful white sand beaches of Stavros, Kevros, Livisi and Kalotaritissa are the ideal places to relax in the sun and enjoy this wonderful unspoiled island.

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