Dec 12, 19

Are you organizing a trip to Ireland wondering what kind of food they have over there and if it's good? Perhaps you'll be surprised to know that Ireland is known not only for its spectacular landscapes, charming castles and picturesque villages but also for its amazing traditional food!

Being surrounded by the sea with vast grass-covered rural areas,  Ireland lets you experience both the best fish and meat. In fact, the leading traditional Irish dishes are based on a wide variety of fresh fish and crustaceans, fished from the local rivers and coasts. They also have great lamb, beef and pork meat farmed on the enormous pastures all over the country. The signature Irish dishes are in the quality and freshness of the ingredients which all produced in Ireland!

Dec 07, 19

Are you thinking of visiting a European capital? Charming Copenhagen is waiting for, situated in northern Europe, it's clean, safe and full of bicycles. Less than 5% of Copenhageners have a car!

Denmark is the smallest of the Scandinavian countries. Still, the streets of its capital boast more bicycles than cars and Copenhagen has more than 350 kilometres of cycle paths, making cycling green and safe. Get ready to see men in suits and women in skirts and heels onboard bikes, riding fast through the city streets.

Jun 20, 19

In this article, we explore the route from Igoumenitsa to Alexandroupoli, which takes you through mainland Greece and across to the eastern port city of Alexandroupoli. Igoumenitsa on the west coast of Greece is easy to get to as it is well connected with many ports along the east coast of Italy, specifically Ancona, Bari, Brindisi and Venice. 

We begin the trip here in Igoumenitsa, which at first sight appears to be merely a busy tourist port, it is recommended to continue on, into the mainland, unless you have time to make a quick 50 km diversion south to the beautiful town of Parga. The town is described as picture-postcard perfect; it has a beautiful castle perching above the bay, little islands just off the coast, a maze of little white houses in the centre and of course, beautiful beaches. There are a bunch of things to do in the town aside from swimming in the beautiful turquoise water, from visiting the Olive Oil Museum to visiting the castle, which is free of charge. The only problem with this gorgeous place is that in the summer it becomes overrun with tourists if you happen to be travelling in August we recommend that you skip Parga this out and head north-east to the region of Zagorohoria.

Jun 20, 19

Continuing the journey to Alexandroupoli, we take a relaxing diversion to the Halkidiki Peninsula for a couple of days on the beach, having left behind the chaos of Thessaloniki. On the map, the Halkidiki peninsula looks like three fingers jutting into the Aegean sea, the westerly finger is Kassandra, which is also the busiest and most touristy part, then you have Sithonia, the middle finger, which is more rugged and characterized by little fishing hamlets and finally the Athos peninsula, which is the last finger and apparently the most beautiful. However, if you want to visit Mount Athos, located near the end of the peninsula, there is a problem, as this part of the peninsula is only open for male visitors! Mount Athos has been a place of sacred spirituality for millennia and since 1060 Constantine IX Monomahos banned women from entering, along with female domestic animals, un-bearded men and eunuchs. If men want to visit this sacred place you must obtain a permit and those under 18, must be accompanied by their father.

After cooling down by the beautiful Aegean sea, we stay on the coast and head for the port city of Kavala, which is a cultural hub with plenty of good museums and some fantastic Ottoman buildings in the old town. There are some nice beaches nearby, such as Rapsani beach and the more lively batis beach. There are also plenty of good seafood restaurants to enjoy here. Kavala also has many ferry links to the Aegean, Cyclades and Dodecanese Islands amongst others.

May 17, 19

Have you ever wanted to visit Norway? But didn’t know where to head for? Many of us have an image of Norway in our mind, as a country of great fjords and epic landscapes, but how do you get to these remote places and how do you choose the best location? Well, Netferry can help you with this, we recommend that instead of heading by aeroplane straight for Oslo, why not travel by ferry to somewhere along the coast to really make the most of the journey and make your holiday more environmentally friendly. 

Netferry recommends heading to the little-known port of Flåm, a little village to the west of the capital situated in an area that is famous for fjords. Flåm lies at the end of Aurlandsfjord fjord, which is a branch of the vast Sognefjord fjord. Sognefjorden, is also known as the King of the Fjords, because it is the largest and deepest fjord in Norway, it stretches 205 kilometres inland from the sea.

May 16, 19

Cherries are some of the most delicious and precious fruits and Puglia produces the largest amount of cherries in Italy. Cherry season is in late spring and early summer and Apulian cherries are some of the best quality in the world. Cherries come in all shapes, sizes and colours from shades of pink and red to purple and black. Cherries taste great and each cherry is different, whilst most are sweet, some varieties have some delightful bitterness which is what makes them so moreish!

Puglia produces such a wide variety of fruit and vegetables, there are special festivals to celebrate each one. The cherry is no different and at the beginning of June each year there is a cherry festival held in Turi, near the city of Bari. Turi is home to the most highly cultivated cherry type in Italy, it is known as the ‘railway cherry’ because the trees used to grow along the railway lines heading south to Bari. This type of cherry is known locally as l’oro rosso or red gold.  

May 14, 19

Are you planning to spend your next holiday in the Balearics? Here are some little tips to help you choose which island best suits your needs!

Go clubbing on Ibiza
Ibiza is synonymous with nightclubs! This magnificent island is the ultimate island for those who love nightlife and discos! If you want to have some unforgettable evenings on the island that never sleeps then be sure to visit the megaclubs such as Pacha and Space, amongst others! Ibiza is the perfect destination for young people who want to party until dawn and laze on the beautiful beaches during the day! And why not?! The island is popular with revellers and celebrities alike so get your glad rags on and enjoy!

May 10, 19

Today we explore Ayvalik, the home of Turkish olives. Ayvalik is on the northwestern coast of Turkey and is full of artistic and cultural heritage. The city is friendly and relaxed and the surrounding landscape is cultivated with olive trees, a symbol of peace. 

Ayvalik has been invaded and occupied by many different populations, from the Macedonians to the Romans and the Byzantines; and there are even some archaeological sites showing evidence of prehistoric settlements in this area.