The town of Frederikshavn lies on the Jutland peninsula, on the north-east coast of Denmark. The name Frederikshavn means 'the port of Frederick' and this town is famous not just for its industrial port, but also for fishing.

A brief history of Frederikshavn

Originally the town was called Fladstrand, meaning 'flat beach', then later King Frederick VI of Denmark and Norway named it Frederikshavn. Being located at the entrance to the Baltic Sea, the port has always been a strategically important connection with the outside and a substantial military base. This military influence can be seen in some of the historic buildings in the town, such as Krudttårnet, or 'Gunpowder Tower', a former gunpowder magazine and fortification built around 1686.

What to see in Frederikshavn

In Frederikshavn, you can feel as though you're going back in time when you visit the Kystmuseet-Bangsbo Fort museum, it is located in an area where the Navy used to be based. The Frederikshavn Church was built around the late 1800s in a Romanesque style, the structure is not typical of the Danish architectural tradition and the interior is characterized by simplicity and linearity. Bangsbo Botaniske botanical gardens are also worth a visit, you can stroll around and admire fragrant, colourful plants and trees.

Beaches around Frederikshavn

Palm Beach is a beautiful beach with soft golden sand, it is lined with palm trees and you can rent umbrellas and deck chairs here. Brattenstrand is another expanse of white sand, just north of Frederikshavn, the water is clean and clear. 

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