Mostaganem is a port city in and the capital of the Mostaganem province of northwestern Algeria. The city has around 240,000 inhabitants and lies on the Gulf of Arzew on the Mediterranean coast. The main industry is sugar refining and paper-pulp processing. Wine, fruit, vegetables, and diatomite are the main exports and the surrounding region is famous for its cereals (wheat, barley), citrus fruits, grapes, and cotton. 

A brief history of Mostaganem

The city was founded in the 11th century as Murustage but has origins going back to Punic and Roman times. In 1516 it was captured by the Ottoman admiral Barbarossa and became a centre for Mediterranean sea corsairs, as well as a commercial port. By 1700 it had come under Ottoman rule and in 1833 the city was taken by France and a garrison established, Algeria finally gained independence in 1962.

Things to do in Mostaganem

Among the architectural buildings here, be sure to visit the beautiful Ottoman mosque, Mosquee de Tobana and the Cap Ivi Lighthouse. Those with young children may enjoy Mostaland a theme park with rides and amusements. There are markets all over the city and they sell everything from clothes to food and household items. Hikers will enjoy the views from  Djebel Chaibia, a hilly area close to Mostaganem, the peak is around 335 meters above sea level and there are various routes to choose from. 

Beaches around Mostaganem

Around 25 km south of Mostaganem is Oureah Plage, which has a wide sandy beach and a campsite. Sonaktr Beach is closer to town and is a spacious beach with a parking area. 

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