Glossa is a town on the north coast of the island of Skopelos, it offers spectacular views thanks to its peculiar shape, which descends from the side of the hill to the sea.


The first settlement on Glossa dates back to ancient times and the island was a Cretan colony during Minoan times. There is written proof of a cluster of houses and dwellings in this area and archaeological findings show construction dating to the Minoan and prehistoric periods. With the revolution, people from Macedonia and the Chalkidiki peninsula settled in this area of the island and this gave birth to a mixed culture based on the various regions of Greece.

Places to visit

Glossa is full of vegetation, especially olive and almond groves. In Glossa, you can spot homes with wooden balconies in the Macedonian style. Do not forget to visit the Agios Taxiarchis monastery, an important place not only for religious life but also economically, as the town depended on the economic power of the monastery.  There are also remnants of the first temples of the island called Kathisma of Agios Apostoloi and the temple of the prophet Ilias. 


Perivoliou beach can easily be reached from Glossa, following a small path on foot you find a paradise on earth, with crystal clear water and rocks to provide shade. However, the beach is a little exposed to the winds of the north. Three kilometres from Glossa there is Armenopetra beach which has clean sea, soft sand and protection from the winds, this beach is suitable for families with children.

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