Souvala is a small town on the island of Aegina, it is situated on the north coast and has a crescent shaped harbour area with fishing boats moored. Souvala is the second ferry port for the island of Aegina and its name was derived from the man-made underground water tanks and ancient cisterns found in the rocks in nearby Loutra. Souvala was a small fishing village until fairly recently, but over the past 50 years it has grown due to tourism but unlike some other villages, Souvala retains an authentic Greek atmosphere as most of the other visitors are urbanites from Athens.

A brief history of Souvala

The history of Souvala follows the rest of the island of Aegina, which was the leading maritime power in the Saronic Gulf during the 7th century BC. It grew wealthy thanks to trade and political dominance. At the Battle of Salamis in 480 BC Aegina was a big contributor to the Greek victory over the Persian fleet, increasing solidarity with the Athenian state. However, this backfired when the state attacked the island in 459 BC out of jealousy of Aegina’s wealth and status, and its alliance with Sparta. After this attack, Aegina never regained its glory, although in the early 19th century it played its part in defeating the Turks and between 1827 to 1829 it was the temporary capital of a partly liberated Greece.

Things to do

The Temple of Aphaia or Afea is located within a sanctuary complex dedicated to the goddess Aphaia. It is in the characteristic Doric style and was formerly known as the Temple of Jupiter Panhellenius. The Cathedral Of Saint Nectarios is also worth a visit, it is still running as a monastery and the grounds are immaculately kept. The woodwork and murals inside are magnificent. Walking is a popular activity around Souvala, there are some nice routes through the small mountains around Agii or you could hike up to Palaia Chora, Agios Nektarios or the Afaia Temple.  

Beaches around Souvala

Paralia Souvalais is a sandy beach situated on the tip of the peninsular, the water is clean and there is some shingle and rock. Agia Marina Beach has a wide sandy beach that features cafes, bars and board rentals.  

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