Guide of POROS

The island of Poros is in the Saronic Gulf and consists of two islands joined by a narrow strip of land.

Places to visit

In ancient times the two parts were called Sferia, a small hill of volcanic origin and Calauria. The cult of Poseidon is connected to the island and the remains of the Temple of Poseidon was excavated by the Swedes in 1984, near the bay of Vayonià in the north of Poros. Further south is the monastery of Panaghia Zoodòchos Pighi. 

In the Byzantine era, Poros went into decline due to pirate raids, it was only in the early 1800s that it began to improve and it played an important role in the Greek revolution as the island was home to first Greek arsenal.

Today the island is a tourist destination, especially for people on weekend breaks. The capital, Poros, has great views and was built like an amphitheatre on the slopes of a green hill that extends down to the sea. The town is crossed by narrow streets with elegant little houses and delightful squares. You can enjoy eating, drinking and watching the little fishing boats down by the sea. The pride of the island is the bell tower, which stands on the top of the hill and was built in 1927, it is the first thing you see when approaching the island by boat.


The island of Poros also captivates you with its verdant landscape and beaches; Askeli beach is not to be missed and is just a few kilometres from Poros, along with the bay of love and Monastiri.

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