Guide of METHANA

Methana is an ancient city on the Peloponnese peninsula, well known for its thermal waters. It is rich in volcanoes and gas, like methane, which comes out of the surrounding mountains.


The first settlement can be traced back to 1500 BC and the remains of a Mycenaean settlement have also been discovered. Between 431 and 404 BC the Peloponnesian wars were fought here and an Athenian army commanded by Nicia built a fort around Methana, which was later given to the Spartans as established by the Peace of Nicia.

Places to visit

Methana has around 30 volcanoes in its vicinity and its possible to walk around the various craters through the paths and rocky landscapes, where you can find typical stone buildings.


 The first place to visit in Methana are the thermal springs where there are sulphur springs and sources of Agi Anargyron. The baths have around 40 tanks and they date back to 1930. Methana Volcanic Spa is also a very interesting structure that is not always open, the building dates back to the early '900s. EOT is a well-served beach and the national tourism agency provides services to visit it.

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