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Hydra is an island in the Saronic Gulf with a cosmopolitan character because of its proximity to Athens also making it a very popular tourist destination. The island has a mostly mountainous, rocky landscape. The capital Hydra is a picturesque village with extraordinary stone villas, paved streets and an enchanting harbour. It should be noted that the island does not allow cars in order to preserve the environment and the traditional atmosphere of the island. There are motorcycles, taxi-boats and horses to get around the island.

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Hydra was historically known as Ydrea and was already inhabited in the Mycenaean period in some settlements found to the west of today's city. Greek mythology states that this was the place that Lernea Hydra lived, a nine-headed monster that was later killed by Hercules.

The island was historically important because of its navy fleet, which was in service during the struggle for liberation and distinguished itself during the revolution. The maritime tradition continues on the island today where a merchant marine school is still active.

There are 300 churches and 6 monasteries to visit on the island, in particular, the twin monasteries named Eupraxia and Profitis Ilias are well worth a visit. Hydra is also home to a historical archive museum located in a beautiful mansion near the port called the Tombasis Palace. The museum hosts many exhibitions and cultural events during the summer.


The beaches that are suitable for swimming are few and far between as they are quite rocky, but there are many water sports clubs on the island, and places by the sea with bars and taverns. The most popular beaches are Hydroneta, Vlichos, Mandraki, Kaminia and Molos.

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