Zante is a Greek island in the Ionian archipelago, located in the Ionian Sea near Peloponnese.


The poet Ugo Foscolo was born in Zante and he dedicated the sonnet "A Zacinto" to the island. Zante has a dramatic history, from the ancient and bloody battles between Spartans and Athenians to the devastating earthquake of 1953 that devastated the island. 

Zante and the surrounding marine reserve 

The city of Zakynthos (Chora in Greek) is the capital of the island and is its largest port. There are ships in continuous service here with continuous sea connections with Kyllini.  The routes to Kefalonia depart from the northern port. During the summer, there is a link with Brindisi in Italy, which was developed specifically for tourism and is essential for Zante.

Besides the magnificent natural beauty along the coast, visitors can also visit the National Marine Park of Zakynthos to see the Caretta turtles. These turtles are an endangered species that the local government are trying to protect.

Places to visit in Zante

The Keri Caves, the Turtle Island, Cape Skinari and the bays of Laganas and Agios Nikolaos. The most lively nightlife is located in Laganas, also called "Little Las Vegas" because of the many clubs, pubs and nightclubs. The 'Ship Wreck Cove' is another popular point of interest which is accessed only by sea and is the most photographed beach in Greece.

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