Kefalonia in the Ionian archipelago is home to the port town of Sami, located on the east coast of the island and offering breathtaking views and crystal clear waters.


The myths and legends tell us that the first king of Kefalonia was Thapius, the son of Poseidon and Hippotho.  King Cephalus also ruled a kingdom that included Zante, Itaka and Lefkada.  Archaeological findings testify that Kefalonia was one of the earliest inhabited areas in Greece.  Plant and animal fossils, as well as bones, have been found in Fiskardo and Skala and tools dating back to prehistoric times were found in Sami. Throughout history, the island has been under various powers, from the Veneziani to the Turks and the Russians to the English until 1864 when the island was united with Greece.

Places to visit

Nature has created real works of art on Sami, such as the caves of Drogarati, that are truly exceptional and even host concerts. The Grotte delle Ninfe is another unmissable place on Sami, also the Grotta di Melissani which h a fascinating and mysterious lake within the depths of the cave. The Agrillion Monastery, dedicated to the Iperaghia Theotocos (parent of God), dates back to the eighteenth century and an icon of Mary was found here. Beyond the Monastery there are also the ruins of Ancient Sami.


There is a narrow strip of beach in Sami, which is about 500 meters long. It is a free beach and has some amenities such as umbrellas and deck chairs. The sea here is calm and ideal for families with children because the water is shallow. About three kilometres from Sami you there is the beach of Antisamis, where you will be enchanted by the incredible landscape and natural scenery.

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