Pisaetos is a beautiful seaside resort just a few kilometres from Vathi on the island of Ithaca. Its crystal clear waters invite you to explore the beautiful seabed full of flora and fauna 


This small town is mainly based around the port, is like the rest of the island, covered with olive trees and vegetation. The first inhabitants lived here as early as 2000 BC, but there are many artefacts from the Mycenaean period. It was then under Roman and later Byzantine domination.

Places to visit

There is a little ancient village to visit on the top of the Alalcomenae hill with the remains of the Acropolis that dates back to the 6th century. Many artefacts and statues depicting also the legendary Ulysses have been found here.


Pisaetos has a beautiful rocky beach with crystal clear waters near the ferry port. There are a few amenities around there and the scenery is breathtaking.

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