Guide of PAXOS

Paxos is a Greek island and is part of the Corfu archipelago, it is one of the smaller islands in the Ionian. The most important town on the island is Gaios, which has the port that connects the island with mainland Greece and Italy via ferry.

Places to visit 

Paxos is about 10 km long and only 2 km wide in some stretches, it is inhabited by about two thousand people who mainly live in Gaios. Gaios has a bay formed by two small islands that face the port, called Panagia and Ai Nikolaos. Most of the life on the island is concentrated around the port which is the beating heart of the town with many bars and restaurants. Other very nice towns on the island are Lakka and Loggos in the northeast. Lakka is a seaside resort that in recent years has expanded and from here you can book boat trips to the caves. Loggos is located north-east of the island in a bay and has lovely pastel-coloured houses along the coast. Loggos has a very beautiful beach that is easily reached on foot. 


Legends tell that Poseidon created Paxos by separating it from Corfu with his trident to make a love nest for him and his beloved, Amphitrite. Throughout history, there have been many invasions and the Sicilian-Norman Republic of Venice was sacked in 1537 by the corsair Barbarossa, who slaughtered the inhabitants and made the survivors slaves. After the Venetian, French, and Napoleonic domination, it became part of the United States as an English protectorate; in 1864 it became part of the Kingdom of Greece.

Things to do on Paxos

On Paxos, there is diving and windsurfing for sporty people and boat trips or walks among the olive trees for nature lovers. There are shops, many restaurants and plenty of beaches with wonderfully clean sea.

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