Guide of RHODES

Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese islands and has long been considered a borderland because it is close to the Turkish coasts. It is an important hub and capital in the Dodecanese, Rhodes has organized towns and a tourist thriving economy, so it has always been the beating heart of this part of Greece.  

Places to visit 

The island has remarkable natural beauty and a fantastic climate, with around 300 days of good weather per year and it has been nicknamed 'the island of the sun'. Its geographical location gave the island both good fortune and constant invasions over the centuries. It has been a centre of commerce since ancient times and was conquered by the Knights of St. John in around 1300 during the Fourth Crusade when they settled on the island. They transformed the island by building stone buildings and a remarkable fifteenth-century palace, which was the seat of the Grand Master of Rhodes.  


The Knights defended the island from the Turks until 1522 when they managed to penetrate the city walls. They ruled until the Italian occupation that occurred during the Second World War. Therefore Rhodes is composed of a mix of all of these cultures and this is evident in the art, architecture on the island. The coasts offer a range of different views depending on which side you are on and nightlife during the summer nights will make you want to come back every year.  

Butterflies on Rhodes

Valley of Petaludes is worth noting, it is a famous valley full of butterflies. All of the trees, branches, and plants are covered with wonderful butterflies that are attracted by the resin from the amber trees that are present in the area. For sea lovers, Rhodes has many long and sunny beaches the west coast is windier and often full of surfers while the other side is calmer.  


The most famous beaches are Faliraki, Kallithea and the Golden Beach, they are considered the most beautiful on the island. But if you are looking for tranquillity and total relaxation, you should go to Vlicha, Lindos and Kolymbia where the water is so clear that it looks like a swimming pool.


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