Guide of NISYROS

Nisyros is famous for its volcano, which is the islands main tourist attraction. This small round island has been forgotten by international tourism, it is green and lush thanks to the volcanic soil which grows eucalyptus, fig trees, olive trees and fruit trees scattered across the island. The inhabitants are friendly and welcoming towards the few tourists who come here.


According to Greek mythology, the island became separated from Kos when Poseidon hurled a giant called Polyvotis down to earth during the battle between the Gods and Giants. Today Polyvotes is the name of the volcano that dominates the island. Nisyros was called Porfyris in ancient times because of the red colour obtained by boiling particular shells. Repeated pirate raids tormented the island’s population in the past and many fortresses were built to defend the villages. The Ottoman Turks ruled the island from the sixteenth century until 1912 when it became an Italian colony and was then conquered by the German and British forces during the Second World War.

Places to visit

Signs of these past populations are present in the capital, Mandraki. There are monasteries, churches, folklore museums and Kastro, built by the Knights of St. John to visit along with the little villages formed of white houses all built one on top of each other.


The island is an oasis of peace and tranquility and is a true paradise for a relaxing holiday. Nisyros is perfect for practicing any outdoor sport including hiking, windsurfing, kitesurfing, diving and scuba diving. The beaches on the island are few but very beautiful, there is White Beach and Pachia Ammos that have fine sand and Cholchaki beach is made up of multi-colored pebbles.


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