Kastellòrizo is a beautiful and remote island, it is the last Greek outpost before you reach the Turkish coast. It has been forgotten by international tourists and is somewhat of a guardian of ancient traditions. The island is predominantly mountainous with wonderful coasts, breathtaking landscapes and little fishing villages that are still intact. The island is in not fact in the Aegean Sea, unlike the other islands of the Dodecanese, but in the Levante Sea and it has become an integral part of the Turkish coast together with a small group of tiny islands. The island has had alternating fortune throughout history, but in 1992 Salvatores chose it as a filming location for the film Mediterraneo, which was awarded an Oscar that year, thus attracting tourists to this little corner of paradise.


In ancient times the island was called Megisti, from the name of its Cretan prince Megisthus. It has been inhabited since ancient times like the rest of the islands in this area. Kastellòrizo had great fortune when it was ruled by Rhodes, the island developed and the population grew to fifteen thousand inhabitants. Later the island was renamed Castellorizo ​​under the rule of the Knights of San Giovani who built their outpost with local red stone thus giving the island its character.

During the Turkish occupation Kastellòrizo came alive again attaining some economic independence thanks to the maritime trade that the inhabitants did with the Turks, the population were able to once again exploit the island's geographical position.

Places to visit

The island is the perfect destination for a relaxing holiday surrounded by nature. Forgotten by international mass-tourism, the island is a real gem to be discovered. The colorful houses of Megisti line the coast and are really beautiful, so are the churches of Agios Costantinos and Agios Nikolaos, which are built above the temple of Apollo. Finally, the famous Castle of the Knights of Rhodes has has the famous red walls that gave the island its name.


This wonderful island is the ideal for all kinds of water sport, it puts you in contact with nature, crystal clear waters, splendid coasts and hidden coves. The beaches of Faros and Mandraki are small and sandy, while Galazio Spileo and Fokiali are only accessible by boat. One place to visit is the Blue Grotto, one of the largest in Greece with a water so transparent that it will take your breath away.

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