Guide of KASOS

Kassos is a fascinating island that has been forgotten by international tourism. It is rocky, with high mountains and animals grazing; life in this corner of the world passes slowly and peacefully.  Tourists who spend their holidays here will appreciate the genuineness of this places that, like few others, represent authentic Greece. Kassos has always been very poor, because of its position in the Aegean and because the island is quite barren, mountainous and beaten by strong winds that prevent cultivation.


The island of Kasos has always followed in the footsteps of its older sister, Karpathos. Its name derives from a Cretan prince, who was among the first inhabitants on the island, the Minoan civilization was one of the first populations to invade the island, followed by the Romans, Byzantines, and Venetians. Later the island was conquered by the Knights of St. John and remained part of the Ottoman Empire until 1921 when Italy took possession of this part of the Dodecanese.

Places to visit

The island has a wild beauty due to its mountains and rugged coastline with numerous caves for which it is famous. There is evidence to suggest that one of the caves dates back to the Neolithic era. The populations that have been present on the island over the centuries have left extensive traces. In the capital, Fri, there are traditional stone houses and the church of Agia Spyridonas. Be sure to visit the fort of Kastro which was built by the Venetians to protect the inhabitants from pirate raids, also the Agia Triada church is worth a visit.


Kassos is a quiet and relaxing island, ideal for those who enjoy unspoiled nature. There is sea, sun, wind and mountains on this paradise island which offers diving, scuba diving, hiking and windsurfing. The beaches are few on this island but the water is transparent and the sea bed is composed of colorful pebbles. The most famous beaches are Chelatros, generally full of divers and Emborios, which has amenities. It is also absolutely worth making a short trip to the island of Armathia, where the Marmara beach is a pristine paradise.

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