Kàrpathos is one of the most beautiful and forgotten islands in the Aegean Sea. Time seems to have stopped on Kàrpathos and the few tourists who come here are mostly Americans and Australians because of the emigration that happened in the early twentieth century. The island itself is peculiar shape, it is long and narrow, crossed by quite a high mountain range that prevents the summer temperatures getting too high.


Kàrpathos is rich in history and the island is quoted by Homer in the Iliad. According to Greek mythology this was the place where the king of the Titans lived, his name was Lapetos the son of Uranus and Gaia. Legends aside, it is certain that the island has been inhabited since antiquity and has been invaded by many populations because of its strategic location. It began with the Minoans and Cretans about a thousand years BC, then the Dori, Romans and Byzantines. In this period the inhabitants of the island sought refuge in the hinterland where they created the village of Olympos. It was originally founded as an outpost for sighting enemy ships, the village has provided shelter for centuries to people who still remain isolated even today. The island is also currently the subject of anthropological studies because its inhabitants has preserved a particular idiom that is very close to the ancient Doric language.

Places to visit 

Kàrpathos may appear wild and rugged but there are expanses of olive trees, pines and myrtles that frame a pristine sea, the mountains are perfect for trekking and walking with designated paths. The coasts are a paradise for windsurfers due to the winds, in short, everything is organized on this quiet island that can offer you an unforgettable holiday.


Its beautiful beaches are little known but can rival those on more famous islands because they are different depending on which coast you are on. For example Diafani and Lefkos have sand and pebbles. Amoopi and Apella are beautiful, with white, very fine sand, a few years ago it was included in list of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean.

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