Agathonisi is the northernmost island of the Dodecanese archipelago in Greece. Its name means the island of thorns, which couldn't be more accurate for this small, barren island where only prickly pears and olive trees grow. The local population is very small, only a few hundred souls who live on agriculture and fishing. Despite being small, the island has many gulfs and bays where it is possible to fish in peace. Tranquillity and peace are what you get when you visit Agathonis the island seems to have been forgotten by international tourism.


Agathonissi is located a few kilometres from the Turkish coast and so it suffered many invasions and occupations in the past. Since ancient times the island was used as a place to deport prisoners by the Romans and Byzantines. The island was also constantly attacked by pirates who prevented any real economic development then it was dominated by Ottoman Turks from the sixteenth to the twentieth century. After the brief period of Italian domination, it was definitively liberated and assigned to Greece after the Second World War.

Places to visit

The sheer beauty of this unconventional island has recently won the hearts of many tourists so that even if there are no particular forms of organized hospitality on the island you can normally find some accommodation, mainly in the port of Agios Georgios. The main village, Megalo Chorio is small but extraordinarily beautiful, located right in the middle of the island, it is a perfect spot to fully enjoy the breathtaking view that Agathonissi offers.


The jagged coasts hide bays and coves that are just waiting to be discovered all of which have clear and crystalline water with shades of blue and green that will leave you breathless. The beach of Agios Georgos is a must so are Ormos Cochilia and Poros Beach, which is the only bay with very fine golden sand.

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