Guide of SITIA

Sitia is a charming place on the far eastern side of the island of Crete. It is a lovely place to have an unforgettable holiday thanks to the breathtaking views and atmosphere steeped in history that embraces the whole island.


The first settlements date back to the Minoan era and in that period was Misone was born, he was one of the seven sages of antiquity. During the 13th century, the city was under Venetian rule and was a strategic point in the Aegean Sea. An earthquake in 1500 destroyed the city, along with heavy pirate raids. The Venetians after being defeated by the Ottomans did not want to cede the city and instead destroy it in around 1650 so that the territory was completely abandoned. This was up until the mid-1800s when the town began to repopulate.  During the Second World War Sitia was the base for the Italians who were based in Rhodes.

Places to see

Do not miss a stroll along the road that leads up from the port, with its Venetian fortress along the sea towards the town, there are plenty of charming bars and cafes along the way. The old city has the Venetian castle, Kazarma, the monastery and finally, the archaeological museum tells the history of the people of the island.


The coast of Sitia has golden sandy beaches with crystal clear water; the beaches are also fully equipped with services and comforts. For example, Sitia City Beach has umbrellas, deckchairs and a bar.

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