Heraklion is the most populated city on the island of Crete and is its regional capital. The town, like the rest of Crete, has an excellent climate all year round and it is possible to swim until late autumn. Heraklion is one of the richest urban centers in all of Greece and like all capitals, it is at an intersection between a new and ancient culture and this can be seen in the urban landscape. The Venetian walls are the focal point of the city and give the city its proud and proud character.

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Heraklion was the last bastion of resistance against the Ottoman Turks who besieged the city in the seventeenth century for twenty-one years and ended with the surrender of the Republic of Venice in1669. Still today, the flag of the Serenissima flies along the remains of the walls that were built by the Byzantines and then later fortified by the Venetians.

The city is an excellent starting point to visit the entire island as it is home to important archaeological sites such as the Palace of Knossos and the Archaeological Museum, which is world leading on the Minoan civilization. Heraklion has a particular charm especially in the old city within the Venetian walls because over the centuries the city developed around the main square called Plateia Venizelou. The ancient port is one of the most important tourist sites and the Castello a Mare can be found here, which was built in 1523. It has the lions of St. Mark located near the doors that recall the domination of the Venetian Republic. The Venetian Loggia is also within the walls and was once the seat of Cretan political life which had to be rebuilt after the destruction of the city during the Second World War.


Heraklion has many beaches nearby,  they are all beautiful but can get quite crowded. The fine sand and blue sea attract many tourists from all over the world, so our advice is to avoid busy periods. The city has other well-equipped beaches that are worth visiting, such as Fodele, Karteros of Anissos, Amoudara and Kato Gouves.

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