Guide of VATHI (SAMOS)

Samos is a beautiful island located in the northern part of the Aegean Sea. It is very close to Turkey and only a 1km stretch of sea separates the two countries; the island is enchanting and remote. This island is one of the most fertile islands in Greece and is covered with olive groves, vineyards and is famous for Muscat wine which was celebrated by poets, artists and scientists. It is also famous for dried fruit, oil and tobacco thanks to the very mild Mediterranean climate and Meltemi winds that regulate the temperatures and helps vegetation flourish.

Places to visit

The island has amazing natural beauty, however, it is also interesting from a historical point of view and there are many things to see, beginning in the capital, Vathy. Vathy is located in a natural bay and is full of narrow streets, ancient museums and churches. Samos has ancient origins and traces of the populations that have invaded and ruled the island can be seen at the monastery of Panagia Piliani and the ruins of the temple that was built to honour the goddess, Hera, along with parts of Eupalinus aqueduct.

The second town on the island is Karlovassi, which is the home of the University of the Aegean, so is full of students from all over Greece. It seems like a usual university town other than the fact that it is set in a uniquely beautiful natural environment surrounded clear blue sea.


Samos is a paradise for surfers because of the winds on the island that also help to mitigate the high summer temperatures. It is also possible to snorkel as the seabed is wonderful and famous throughout Greece. Some really nice beaches include Tsamadou, Lemonakia and Kokari and are accessible from the coast, while the more adventurous can try those on the west coast that can only be reached by boat. For those who don't mind crowds and prefer beaches with lots of amenities, the beaches near Pythagorion are very beautiful with views over Turkey.

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