The island of Samos is the Aegean Sea, closer to the Turkish coast than to the Greek. Pythagorio is on the southern coast and is an important centre because of its port and an interesting archaeological site, which have been given World Heritage status by UNESCO.


The area was inhabited in the year 1000 by the Ions, its height of fortune and splendour was in around 540 BC, a period in which poets, artists and scientists lived and studied in Samos. In 580 BC, Pythagoras was born on the island and he later founded the school of philosophy.

Places to visit

Pythagorio is one of the most visited destinations on the island of Samos and there are many things to see and learn. For example the aqueduct of Eupalino, which is a tunnel more than a kilometre long and was built in the VI century AC and was used as an aqueduct in ancient times. Also, the Heraion of Samos is a temple dedicated to Hera, it is in Ionian style and is a fascinating place to visit in terms of culture and atmosphere.


Psili Ammos is not far from Pythagorio, its name means fine sand, it is popular with tourists and families with children because the water is shallow. You can find all kinds of amenities including hotels on the beach. Another beach not to be missed is Glicorisa, it has fine sand and crystal clear waters with plenty of amenities. 

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