Guide of PSARA

In the Eastern Aegean, near Chios lies Psara, which an island with a very old naval tradition. The island is still immersed in the past and you can enjoy a peaceful holiday here with a glass of beer from the tavern while watching the spectacular sunset.


The history of Psara dates back to ancient times and Homer cited the island in the Odyssey, referring to it as ‘Psirii’. Archaeological excavations on the island revealed findings from the Mycenaean civilization. The village of Psara is located in a bay that resembles a natural amphitheatre.

There are a few places to visit, but not as many as there could have otherwise been because of a fire by the Turks in 1824 that completely destroyed the village and left it uninhabited. The historical memory on the island still recalls this horrible event and the characters who fought in the Greek war of independence are today considered heroes of the island.

Places to visit

Among the places of artistic and cultural interest, there is the church of Aghios Nikolaos and the monastery of Profitis Ilias, which preserves some ancient books and memorabilia. The island of Psara is also distinguished by its cuisine, particularly known for its fish recipes. The beaches on Psara are lovely, especially those in the north-eastern part of the island, including Limnos and Lakka.

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