Mirina is a town on the island of Limnos, in the Northern Aegean. Its beautiful centre stands on a hilly peninsula, on what today is called Kastro.


Mirina has been around since ancient times and it was formally part of Asia Minor. The historian Herodotus tells us that the city tried to defend itself from the siege of Miltiades, but had to surrender to the Athenians and later, around 133 AD, it was conquered by the Romans. It is thought that on the Acropolis there was a temple of Athena Lemnia. 

Places to visit

The necropolis in Myrina is beautiful and is home to various important statuettes depicting religious, mythological and everyday themes and many of the originals are now in the Louvre in Paris. There are also the remains of a rock castle and an archaeological museum to visit. The archaeological museum is located in an ancient palace, which was once the residence of a pasha. Do not miss a walk on the marina, which is a very quaint and picturesque place where you can watch the fishermen.


Paralia Romeikos Gialos is a beach near the archaeological museum with transparent waters and soft sand, where you can really relax. A little further south of the centre of Myrina, there is a beautiful beach not to be missed called Paralia Plati. Here you can rent beach umbrellas and deck chairs. Then on the northern coast, there is Paralia Richa Nera, a beach full of amenities with soft sand.

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