Karlovassi is on the island of Samos in the Aegean Sea rises, it is actually closer to Turkey than to Greece.


History tells us that the area was already inhabited in 1570 by Ottoman families on the island. Traces of settlements from Chios have been found, they are thought to have settled in the area of ​​Alonaki a small hill not far from the city center whose ruins are still visible. Karlovassi was one of the first inhabited areas of the island and there is a temple was erected here in honor of Dionysus.

Places to visit 

A natural attraction not to be missed are the waterfalls of Potami, reachable along a quiet path that winds through the woods and vegetation until you finally reach the thundering waterfalls. The source comes out of a stone surrounded by trees. The folklore museum is an interesting place to learn about the island's traditions and culture. Karlovassi is made up of three settlements, the old town, a more modern one and the city center, but there are historic buildings to admire everywhere and do not miss a sunset stroll around the heart of the city.


Potami beach is very popular and beautiful with crystal clear waters and pebbles. If you want to be immersed in unspoiled nature, the beach of Megalo Seitani has light sand and clear waters.

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