Oinousses is a thin island located between the Greek Chios and the western Turkish coast. It is renowned for the beautiful houses and villas owned by the shipowners and so is also known as the Shipowner Island. Oinousses is the main island in the archipelago which made up of other smaller islands that were important during Roman times for the cultivation of vines. The island gives its name to the wine produced here, which in Greek is called Oinos.

Places to visit

Inousses is a perfect destination for those who want to spend a relaxing and quiet holiday. There is a maritime museum in the city centre with a varied collection of boat models that were used during the Napoleonic wars. Do not miss the Evangelismos monastery, a Byzantine-style building that is home to about twenty monks.


The beaches on Oinousses are really amazing and are surrounded by green vegetation, do not miss the bays and beaches Bilali, Kastro and Zepaga.

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