Guide of FOURNI

Fourni is part of a small archipelago made up of two other islands that are little more than a rock, called Thimena and Aghios Minas. Only the most adventurous tourists come to this part of Greece and certainly, for those who do not like crowds and nightclubs, this island is the perfect anecdote, its all about peace and relaxation here. The beauty of the pinewoods and the Mediterranean scrub landscape make the island both an enchanting and wild place. The archipelago has its cultural festivals and ancient fishing traditions that have been feeding its populations for thousands of years. The fishermen of the island return every evening with the fresh fish that will end up in the markets of Athens, but apart from this Fourni and the nearby islands are quiet and peaceful places where life has always flowed in the same way.

The three islands of the archipelago: Fourni, Thimena and Aghios Minas

The largest island is Fourni and it has a curious shape as it appears almost cut in two by a narrow piece of land. It is a paradise of hidden beaches and coves interrupted only by fishing villages on the west coast. The other two islands of the archipelago are possibly even more wild and isolated, Thimena derives its name from the thyme plant that grows spontaneously in this land along with the other Mediterranean scrub flora. The fauna is the real attraction of the island though and many hikers come here to catch a glimpse of eagles, cormorants, monk seals, dolphins and even sea turtles. Agios Minas, the smallest of the two larger islands is a paradise for snorkelling, the sea is full of fish and the waters are transparent. The island is not inhabited and can only be reached by renting a kayak.

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