On the south-eastern side of the island of Ikaria stands Agios Kirikos, a fishing village founded around 300 years ago. The city is dedicated to the saint Kirikos and is the capital of the island and has lots of tourist amenities.


According to the myth, Icarus drowned and was buried on the island, which was initially colonized by the Ions and then occupied by the Persians. From the Byzantines, it was then passed to the Venetians and finally became Greek territory at the end of 1100.

Places to visit

The church of Santo Kyrikos, is named after the saint and on July 15th each year this Saint is celebrated on the island. The church was construction fairly recently in the early 1900s by the Belgian architect Eugene Dypre. The church is located in the city center and is easily reachable on foot from the port. The Archaeological Museum of Agios Kyrikos is in a neoclassical building dating back to the early '900s in the neoclassical style, where there are lots of artifacts from the classical period to be explored.


There is an easily accessible beach very close to the port, however there are no facilities such as deckchairs or umbrellas, just some cafes and bars.  There are no beaches near the town and you have to travel out to find some rocky beaches with warm seas and a quiet atmosphere. From the island you can take a boat to reach a fantastic beach called Seychelles, which is only accessible by sea. 

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