Sassnitz is a seaside town in northern Germany; it lies just of the Baltic coast on an island called Rügen. Sassnitz has around 10,000 inhabitants, situated on Jasmund peninsula; it acts as the gateway to Jasmund National Park, an area characterized by unique white cliff formations.

A brief history of Sassnitz

Fishing has always been important to Sassnitz, and then the tourist industry began to arrive in the early 1800s, people who come to relax on the shores of the Baltic Sea during the summer. In 1871, the road to Sassnitz was upgraded, and in 1891 the town was connected to the railway network from Bergen. By 1878 boat services had been established, connecting Sassnitz with Stettin, Bornholm, Trelleborg and Klaipėda, this enabled the town to grow. The farming and fishing village of Crampas and Sassnitz were separate at one time, but it was decided to merge them to form one municipality of Sassnitz. Through the beginning of the 20th century Sassnitz's chalk, fishing and tourism industries expanded and given rights in 1957. They decided to construct a touristy beach promenade, but over the decades the town and its B&Bs fell increasingly into disrepair. In 1984 a new port was built to aid the ferry connection between East Germany and the Soviet Union. After 1991, the ferry port was redeveloped and began providing services to the entire Baltic Sea region.

Things to do in Sassnitz

The best thing to do in and around Sassnitz is walking and hiking in the Jasmund National Park. One of the best hikes is up to the Königsstuhl, or King's Chair, which is the best-known chalk cliff on the Stubbenkammer on the island of Rügen. It lies at 118 m above sea level, and there is also the Königsstuhl National Park Center which houses exhibits on Rügen's nature. There is also an observation deck that offers fantastic sea views. If you are feeling adventurous, then there are some fascinating castle ruins, abandoned factories and world war two bunkers to explore in Schloss Dwasieden, a couple of the bunkers have been left open - so you can explore with a flashlight at your own risk! There is also a path to access the beach, which is not crowded and very nice. Children and adults will also love a visit to the British Royal Navy submarine turned museum, Erlebniswelt U-Boot. Visitors can walk along the whole length of the submarine inside, or take a guided tour, and there is convenient parking nearby.

Beaches around Sassnitz

Hundestrand Glowe is nearby and is a beautiful sandy expanse, popular with dog walkers. Piratenbucht Sassnitz is close to the town centre and has rocks and sand, the water is clean, and there are plenty of establishments nearby for eating and drinking. Down the coast, a little further is Hundestrand Sellin, fully equipped with sunbeds and services. It has a beautiful little promenade and is pet-friendly.

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