Guide of TOULON

Toulon is a fascinating city on the south coast of France. It is a naval city full of interesting submarines, ships and an interesting maritime museum to visit. Toulon is set in a beautiful setting, surrounded by rocky mountains and connected to Mount Faron by cable car.

Brief History

Toulon was under Roman rule from the second-century a.c. then in the Middle Ages, it went under the hegemony of the counts of Provenza. It became part of France in the fifteenth century and from this moment onwards  Toulon became a major Mediterranean port city, playing a leading role in many battles during the French Revolution and during the world wars.

Places to see

Be sure to visit Mont Faron and its botanical garden - there is a breathtaking view from this location. The Maritime Museum is also worth a visit, along with the arsenal which holds many historical objects that exhibit the military history in Toulon, from the seventeenth century onwards. The historic centre is medieval and leads to an arts district, where you take in some contemporary art. The main square in Toulon has a lovely fountain called Tambourine, built in 1839. And don't forget to take a nice walk through the colourful and fragrant stalls on Toulon market.

Beaches around Toulon 

A few kilometres from the city is Le Mourillon, a stretch of free and well-kept beaches. There are also accommodation and facilities nearby. Cap Brun should not be missed, it is a pebble beach all surrounded by pine trees, you can reach it along a small path that goes between cliffs and small coves. Plage des Sablettes is peaceful and tranquil and is only accessible by ferry.

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