Guide of SETE

Sete is on the south coast of France and is a seaside town dominated by Mount Saint Clair. There is a wonderful view from the top of the mountain overlooking Sete and the neighboring towns.


The origins of Sete date back to the Bronze Age and evidence for this was found in the 1900s. Initially, Sete was known as Montmorencette and consisted of a fortress on Mount Montmorency. It was a commercial hub for many Mediterranean populations and in 1600, under the reign of the Sun King or Louis XIV, work began on the port.

Places to visit

The city stretches along the Cadre Royal canal that serves as a square and a place for the locals to socialise and a walk along here cannot be missed. Take a tour around the fishermen's district, where ancient crafts related to fishing are still practised and do not miss a walk around Sete's market, where the ancient textile bazaar is located along with many other food and products. The Moliere theatre is in the heart of the city was built in an Italian architectural style in the early 1900s and really shows the wealth in this city during the last century.


Sete has twelve kilometres of soft and golden coast. There are no establishments, just a free expanse that allows you to choose where to relax and enjoy the beautiful sea in total freedom, it is called La Corniche. Nearby there are beaches suitable for families, such as those in the Cap D'agde area that are easy to access with a car, and do not miss Grande Conque which has black sand.

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