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Dieppe is a fishing port in Northern Normandy, crossed by the river Arques and overlooking the English Channel, it is one of the most popular seaside destinations in Normandy.

A brief history of Dieppe

Dieppe became a popular seaside town around two hundred years ago, it has a beautiful promenade and the holiday atmosphere still remains. However, during the Second World War, Dieppe's port and coastline hosted many important landings and battles. There was a huge aerial battle between the British and German forces called the Dieppe Raid in 1942. The battle only lasted around six hours, but was bloody, strong German defences and mounting Allied losses forced the Allies to call a retreat. 

What to see in Dieppe

The Dieppe kite festival is an extraordinary event that is held every two years. The sky over Dieppe becomes full of colourful kites, which is a magical spectacle for both young and old alike.  There is also the beautiful Chateau Musée castle to visit, it is surrounded by greenery and has a beautiful view over Dieppe. Inside there is an interesting collection of ivory pieces, including an antique fan. There is also a little museum called Cité de la Mer, where you can learn more about the Normandy landings along with other events that have taken place in the city. Why not also take a romantic walk around the Pollet district at sunset, it is characterised by lovely little streets, where ivory and precious-stone merchants once gathered.

Beaches around Dieppe

Dieppe has some lovely long beaches with pebbles of every shape and colour. Puys and the Plage are two beaches with plenty of services and comforts. Don't miss Red Beach, it is a place full of memories from the D-Day Landings. The beaches are surrounded by high cliffs and vegetation, a perfect setting for an unforgettable vacation.

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