Ile Rousse is on the northern coast of Corsica. It is a quiet and pleasant place, which owes its name to the purple coloured stone from which the attached islet Ile de la Pietra is made, it is connected by a  small, raised road.


The city was founded during the war of independence from Genoa in the mid-1700s by Pasquale Paoli, who wanted to create another port in addition to Calvi. The struggle for independence from Genoa ended in 1768 and the island was given to France.

Places to visit

The centre of the town is very old and typical of Corsica, with small streets leading to the Mercato Coperto, a 19th century covered market with a beautiful colonnade that comes to life on Sunday mornings. In the centre of Ile Rousse, the oceanographic museum is worth a visit, where you can find many species of marine life. A few kilometres from the centre there is a breathtaking village of Borgo di Monticello with some great panoramic views and located along a lovely walking route.


Among the beaches along the coast, Plage de Bodri is a great beach that offers various services and also has some nudist areas. Plage de Lozari is another breathtaking place with crystal clear waters and soft sand with a cutting-edge tourist village nearby. The closest beach to the city centre is Plage de Caruchetu, which you can get to by following a path between cliffs surrounded by fragrant vegetation.

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