Bonifacio is a small town overlooking the mouth of the Bonifacio River, between Sardinia and Corsica on a fjord-like inlet surrounded by white limestone. Within this fjord stands the city's port, which serves tourists.


Initially occupied mainly by Greek merchants and Roman soldiers, the city has always been in the hands of pirates cruising in the Mediterranean. So Boniface II of Tuscany founded a village here to defend against the Saracen raids. Due to its strategic location, Bonifacio was under the control of several maritime republics up until the Genoese created a fort to defend themselves. Today Bonifacio is a charming tourist town rich in centuries of history.

Things to see 

Just walking around in the historic centre is a great experience not to be missed. Be sure to visit the Saint Erasme church that was built in honour of the patron saint of fishermen. Also visit the Chapel Saint Roch, from 1500. Do not miss the Bastion de l'Etendard, a fortress that defended the port in which today there are exhibition spaces that tell the story of the city. Two other important squares are Place de Marché and Place de la Manichelle.


Cala Longa is a beautiful quiet beach about 15 minutes from the centre of Bonifacio and is formed of sandy coves. Balistra beach is beautiful, accessible only on a rough road. One of the most beautiful beaches on the island is Spiaggia Grand Sperone with very fine white sand.

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