Guide of CALAIS

Calais is located in the north of France, overlooking the Strait of Dover, by the Atlantic Ocean. The stretch of coastline that Calais is situated on is known as the Côte d'Opale and is completely surrounded by beaches with white cliffs and rocks. The city is quite delightful and the historic centre is full of museums and cafes to enjoy.

A brief history of Calais

Calais was almost certainly founded by the Romans, it was of interest to them due to its strategic position from which they could easily invade neighbouring Britannia. The Middle Ages saw the city occupied by people from Holland who transformed it from a fishing village to an important port. Over the course of history many famous people, such as Riccardo Cuor di Leone, have lived here.

Places to visit in Calais

The main square is called the Place d'Armes, during the Middle Ages, it was a market square and the heart of the city. The Hotel de Ville or town hall in Calais was built in the early 1900s and is an elegant building that has been recognized as a UNESCO site. Don't miss a visit to the Eglise Notre-Dame, a cathedral dedicated to the Virgin Mary from the 13th century, it has an interesting mix of Flemish, Gothic and Anglo-Norman styles with a cross plan and a beautiful altar made of Carrara marble. There is also 39-meter high watchtower in Calais that dates back to the 13th century and is home to some carrier pigeons.

Beaches around Calais

The beaches near Calais are lovely and have breathtaking views of the Channel. The Côte d'Opale has some nice stretches of sand where you can lie down and sunbathe, or find a nice restaurant to enjoy some French food and wine while overlooking the sea. One of the most popular beaches is Calais Beach, with soft golden sand and a beautiful view. There are also many spots to practice sailing, windsurfing and kayaking, amongst other water sports.

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