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Muuga is an area home to Estonia's largest merchant port. Geographically located on the southern coast, in the Gulf of Finland, Muuga is 17 kilometres north-east of the capital Tallinn. The nearest town is Maardu, which is also part of Tallinn.

A brief history of Muuga

The port area of ​​Muuga follows the same history as the capital, Tallinn. The city has always been a crossroad, and many different cultures have coexisted together, creating one of the most interesting and beautiful capitals in Europe. The first inhabited area was built on Toompea hill in 1050, overlooking the Gulf of Finland. It was formerly known as Toompea, gradually the lower part of the city developed, All-Linn, which today is one of the best-preserved historical centres in Europe.

Tallinn was always in the sights of various conquerors because of its strategic location;  the Danes, the Swedes, the Poles, Russians and Lithuanians. It only gained absolute independence in the 1990s.

Things to do in Muuga

In Muuga, be sure to visit Kabelikivi, also known as the witches' boulder; a rock formation that was probably transported downstream by a glacier. Muuga aedlinn is a close-by village, with its characteristic cottages and unpaved roads its retains an air of tradition. From here head south on the way to Narva, stop at Maardu manor, one of the oldest preserved Baroque manor houses in Estonia. It dates back to 1389, then renovated in 1660, then further additions were made in the 19th century. This house was the former manor of Herman Jensen Bohn, who financed the printing of the first bible in Estonian in 1739.

Beaches around Muuga

The best beaches on Tallinn's coastline are opposite Muuga port. Stroomi beach is perfect for families with children, fully equipped with services and entertainment for adults and children. Pirita beach is located on the coast opposite Muuga and is the most popular beach in the Tallinn area. You can comfortably relax here, buys drinks and bathe in crystal clear waters on hot summer days.

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