Guide of ZADAR

Zadar in Croatia is a beautiful city overlooking the Adriatic Sea and for a long time, it was the capital of Dalmatia. It is a charming city both for its beautiful beaches and interesting archaeological sites.

A brief history of Zadar

For a long time Zadar was one of the most important cities for the Republic of Venice, after the fall of the republic, Zadar went under Napoleonic forces and became part of Austrian territory as the capital of Dalmatia, up until the early twentieth century.

The city was founded as an outpost in the 9th century BC by the Illyrians, of the Iburni. At the beginning of the 7th century, under the Roman Empire, Zadar became a Byzantine province. The history of the city really is fascinating and turbulent, even in recent times, when Zadar was officially annexed to Yugoslavia, then it was divided and given to Croatia in 1991.

Where to visit in Zadar

Zara has many special places to visit, such as the Sea Organ, which is an organ with a scale that goes down to the sea and on the lowest step, below sea level. The organ has 35 pipes of various lengths and sizes, which allow the breaking waves to make a sound. The Monument to the Sun or The Greeting to the Sun is another monument. It consists of three hundred multi-layered glass plates placed on the same level as the stone-paved waterfront in the shape of a 22-meter diameter circle, with photo-voltage solar modules underneath. Lighting elements turn on at night and produce a show of light, it symbolizes communication with nature. Piazza del Popolo Narodni Trg is also worth visiting and is the heart of public life in Zadar, there are also numerous markets, museums and Roman remains to be discovered!

Beaches near Zadar 

Borik beach is situated four kilometres from the centre of Zadar, it is a sand and pebble beach with crystal clear water, perfect for families with children. There are also many activities and services for tourists on the beach. Kolovare is another beach to the east of the city, it has sand, pebbles and clear sea. The beach is equipped with all services and above all, has a beautiful expanse of greenery and shade to keep you cool during the hottest hours.

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