Guide of RAB

Rab is a town in Croatia, situated on an island of the same name. The island is located just off the northern Croatian coast in the Adriatic Sea. The town has less than 10,000 inhabitants but is a popular tourist destination. The island also became a pioneer of naturism after Edward VIII, a member of the English royal family, stayed in Rab in 1936. He and his wife, Walis Simpson, took a skinny dip in the bay of Kandarola!

A brief history of Rab

Illyrian tribes initially inhabited the island in around 360 BC. Then the Romans arrived on the island and the emperor Octavian Augustus built walls around the settlement and called it Municipium. During the Middle Ages, Rab remained as part of the Byzantine Empire. In the year 1000, the island collaborated with other islands and cities in Dalmatia, and they submitted to the Republic of Venice. In 1358 the island came under the rule of King Louis the Great, the Angevin ruler of Hungary. Rab was ruled by Venice from 1409 until the end of the 18th century, followed by a brief interlude under Napoleon. The island was eventually annexed by the Habsburgs in 1815 and remained under Austrian rule till 1918. Residents decided that they should be annexed to the Kingdom of Italy because they were mainly Italian-speaking, but Italy gave up the island to Yugoslavia in 1921 and many of the Italian-speaking residents left. After the Second World War, the island was part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia until the Croatian independence referendum in 1991.

Things to do in Rab

For those keen on active holidays, there is plenty of excellent hiking trails on the jagged Kalifront peninsula for all abilities. There are also routes through the forest to get some shade from the hot sun. The former concentration camp is a poignant historical memorial and open-air museum to visit. It was one of several Italian concentration camps established during World War II when the Italians occupied the island. The memorial complex was built in 1953 and has a memorial garden along with some of the original structures; the camp remains as a constant reminder of the atrocities caused by fascism. 

Beaches around Rab

Paradise beach is perfect for families with small kids as the water is very shallow and clean; it can get crowded with people in the height of the summer. Suha Punta Beach is a small rocky beach with crystal clear water, trees and some shade. There are also some benches and services just 5 minutes walk away. Kandarola Beach is popular with people who prefer to be without the constraints of clothes and was one of the first nudist beaches in the world! Facilities include a restaurant, deck chairs and parasols to rent as well as showers and toilets. Kampor Mel is known for its beautiful fine sand and can be reached easily by boat or car. With a spacious parking area, restaurants and cafes, its very popular with families. Sports facilities include a trampoline, volleyball courts and there are sunbeds to rent. There is also a special entrance for disabled people, and the south part of the beach is a dog beach.

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