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Vlora is a city on the southern coast of Albania. It has an important port because it is located where the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea merge.  Past and present merge in Valora, making it an important historical and tourist hub.

A brief history of Valona

In ancient times the city was a Greek colony, located in the middle of Illyrian territory, it was then a very important port for the Romans during the 6th century and it was annexed in 733 under the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.

Different populations have passed through the city including the Byzantines, Venetians and the Serbs. In 1928 Albania got independence and Vlora the capital of the State but then the city was occupied by the Italians and then by the Nazis until 1944. After the Second World War, Albania was a pro-Soviet country and Vlora's submarine port was leased to the Soviet Union. In 1997 the city saw clashes in the streets due to the devastating economic collapse that led to the fall of President Sali Berisha.

What to see in Valona 

The Independence Monument is interesting, this imposing bronze monument is 12 meters tall and commemorates the Albanian independence movement. There are other monuments to visit around the city including the history museum, which is located in the city centre. The ethnographic museum is full of traditional objects and clothes and the building is very beautiful and interesting. Muradie Mosque is another place to visit because it is a symbol of the city and dates back to the 16th century. It was built by an Albanian architect who was also famous for designing the Great Mosque of Suleiman in Istanbul. Don't miss a walk down the Justin Godart Building Ensemble to look at the little houses, cobbled streets and many small shops.

Beaches around Valona

One of the main beaches is Plazhi i Vjeter, which is an expanse of pristine sand surrounded by a green pine forest. It is ideal for those seeking tranquillity and relaxation and for those who want fun and nightlife there is Plazhi i Ri, which is full of restaurants and bars. The water at both beaches is fantastic and scuba diving is highly recommended because there are shipwrecks and underwater caves to be discovered in the area! 

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