Porto Vecchio, in Southern Corsica, is a charming seaside village with a jewel of a historic centre. In addition to the beautiful coastline, there are mountains just a few kilometres from Porto Vecchio with lovely pine forests.


The village dates back to 1539 and was constructed under the Genoese, later it was destroyed and rebuilt several times. A citadel remains today that is perched on a hill full of alleys and stone houses, surrounded by ramparts. There is rich Mediterranean vegetation all around the village with centuries-old olive trees and beautiful beaches.

Things to see

The pastoral heritage of this area is evident in the surroundings of Porto Vecchio where you can visit the ‘Oriu’, which are rock shelters that were used by shepherds, along with the ‘Orri’ a traditional 18th-century oven and mill. You can take roads lined by dry stone walls and traditional buildings, be sure to visit the Genoese towers that were built to defend Corsica from invaders. Do not miss the Piazza della Repubblica, with the church of San Giovanni Battista and the chapel of Santa Croce. Make a stop at the Patio bar, which is an elegant place to enjoy an aperitif and listen to some good music.


A few kilometres from the village there is the beach of Santa Giulia, which is very well known and so often crowded. The waters are clear and there are plenty of amenities to make your day more comfortable. Palombaggia beach is surrounded by a large pine forest on a tongue of soft white sand between dunes. For those looking for a more secluded place, we recommend visiting a small bay in the south of the town called Rondinara beach.

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